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Sea Moss Water base

Sea Moss Water base

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32oz Bottle

Sea moss water, is basically just water that has been infused with sea moss.

One of the main differences is that sea moss water still has all the same benefits as sea moss gel, but in a less potent and concentrated form. This is because when you make sea moss water, you’re essentially making a supercharged version of sea moss gel – all the nutrients without the fiber and carrageenan (what enables it to thicken) are extracted from the sea moss and infused into the water.💪🏾

Sea Moss Water Sea Moss Gel
Water-like Gel-like
Contains less carrageenan, a gel-like substance Contains more carrageenan
Less concentrated, less potent More potent, more concentrated
No fiber Packs fiber
Less fishy or  🌊 taste Strong fishy or sea taste
Easily incorporated in water based recipes such as teas, juices, etc Works well for other types of recipes such as smoothies or as a binder in baking
1 cup serving per day 2 tablespoon servings per day max
Can be used as plant fertilizer Doesn’t work as good as sea moss water for plants

this golden mixture is usable for dozens of other uses like:

Deep conditioners 

leave in conditioners 

use in a spray bottle for pre poos or a quick refresher after a long summer swim or say at the beach!



skin care routines

Some plants adore sea moss water!!

and anything you can dream up! 

always fresh and can last up to 60 days refrigerated, 30 days unrefrigerated. Shipped in 3 different sizes!

*will become more gelatinous as it’s stays in the fridge, will not affect functionality and can be diluted with non tap water* 

ingredients : Alkaline water, key lime , sea moss 

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