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Raw sea moss

Raw sea moss

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Unprocessed and sundried in St. Lucia 

soak and make your own sea moss gel whenever you want!  Full instructions below


Step 1: Rinse Well

Remove from the packaging and place in a colander. Rinse under cold water to get any excess salt or debris out. 

Step 2 – Soak In Water

Take a large bowl, add the sea moss and cover in lots of pure filtered water. Note that the sea moss will expand so you may need to add more water. You can add the juice from half a lime to the water. It will help take away the fishy taste and smell. Let soak overnight. 

Step 3-Rinse Again

Drain the sea moss in a large colander and rinse again under cold water. Swish it around until everything has been evenly rinsed. You will notice that the color may have whitened a bit after the soaking. That is totally fine.


Step 4 – Blend It

Pour the whole contents of your bowl in your blender. Start blending on medium-high speed. It should form a thick homogenous liquid. Pour into clean Mason jars Then add the lids and refrigerate until ready to use.







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